Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser – Contractor

The Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser (“PPF”) is a contractor located at Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (“NAPI”) and a separate business from NAPI.

All inquiries related to the pumpkin patch must contact PPF directly at 505-686-5989 or 336-217-1184. For more information about PPF, please visit www.pumpkinsusa.com

NAPI does NOT hire for PPF and does NOT sell, grow, or provide pumpkins. Thank you!

Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers

5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser – Contractor

  1. I am trying to go through the process, and people at the two phone numbers have not contacted me. I want to follow the process and have only been discouraged. I see posts of people taking pumpkins and wonder what they rank, and they sell them. I am just asking for my students.

    1. Unfortunately, the two contacts are all we have on file. The Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser does have an office located south of Region 2 Store. An option would be to stop by their location to see if someone can help you. We apologize for the inconvenience, but again – PPF is a separate entity from NAPI.

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