What We Grow


The Navajo Pride™ brand products include alfalfa, corn, wheat, potatoes, beans, traditional Navajo food and organics.

Navajo Pride™ products are recognized through-out the national and international agribusiness industry. Products are sold to direct customers, suppliers and processors at competitive prices. Some of NAPI’s customers include Wal-Mart, Del Monte, Frito Lay, Lansing Trade Group, LLC, and many others.

NAPI has earned the distinction of being certified with GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice). This rigorous certification process guarantees that NAPI is safe and conducts sustainable practices for our future generations.


The alfalfa grown at NAPI is widely-known by livestock owners. Grades that are produced are Supreme, Premium, Good, Grass Mix, Fair, and Cowhay from May to October.

NAPI will harvest four cuts in a season and sell as 3-twine bales or half ton bales. Additional forage available through NAPI are organic forage, haygrazer, and wheat straw.

Livestock Feed

NAPI is a national contender for No. 2 feed corn and wheat. A vast amount of grain that is grown at NAPI are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and distributed through Lansing Trade Group, LLC.

Navajo Pride™ Grains can be purchased in poly mesh bags or bulk loads at NAPI.


Majority of the NAPI grown wheat is used for milling an assortment of Navajo Pride™ flour, such as unbleached all-purpose, whole-wheat, and frybread mix*.

The products are packaged in kraft bags and cloth bags. All Navajo Pride™ flour is available to purchase at NAPI and online.
(*Just add water)

Tablestock Potatoes

The finest and freshest Navajo Pride™ Potatoes are grown at the farm of NAPI! Navajo Pride™ Potatoes are available in conventional and organic certified russets, reds, yellows, and purple in a full range of sizes and competitively priced.

The NAPI farm has an ideal environment of center pivot irrigation on sandy to sandy-loam soil in an elevation ranging from 5,300-5,800 feet above sea level.

The potatoes are processed at the Fresh Pack facility located on the farm and Global G.A.P. Certified. The potatoes are cleaned, sorted, and packaged in cartons, poly, or paper.

Dry Beans

Since 1970, NAPI has produced superior quality Navajo Pride™ Pinto Beans. Through the years, other varieties were introduced at NAPI, such as black beans, navy beans, and yellow beans.

Some advantages acquired by NAPI to grow the beans are early harvest, sandy-loam soil, and warm weather conditions. Navajo Pride™ Pinto Beans are well-known, light in color, graded U.S. No. 1, and triple-cleaned. The average cooking time for the Navajo Pride™ Pinto Beans is approximately 1.5 hours.

The beans are sold in many national retailers and restaurants through out the country and internationally. Navajo Pride™ Beans are processed and packaged in poly and poly mesh bags at the Bean Plant located on the farm and Global G.A.P. Certified.

Traditional Foods

NAPI grows traditional foods to preserve the Navajo tradition, such as Blue Corn Pancake Mix*, Blue/White/Yellow Corn Products, Juniper Ash, Sumac Berries, and Green Chile. (*Just add water.)

The white and yellow corn are primarily utilized in traditional ceremonies and considered sacred among the Navajo people. The ground corn meal are used for consumption or to bless your treasured belongings. The blue corn meal can be mixed with juniper ash and prepared as a porridge-like meal.

The Sumac Berries, also known as “Chííłchin”, is available to purchase as whole, ground, or as a pre-mix*. Chííłchin can be prepared as a sweet pudding-like treat.

We welcome you to taste our traditional Navajo food and discover a delicacy that was handed down through generations!

Products are available to purchase online at https://napi.navajopride.com/shop-navajo-pride/

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