Grazing Program

Opportunity for Livestock Owners

NAPI provides a Grazing Program for local livestock ranchers. The Grazing Program is a contract between NAPI and the livestock owners. The livestock owners will utilize the land for grazing their livestock for a fee determined by NAPI. There are two seasons for the program as specified under Step #1.

The Grazing Program is a five step process, which is outlined below.

  1. Meet NAPI Crop Manager
  2. Submit Required Documents
  3. Document Review
  4. Payment
  5. Set-Up Fence and Abide by All Rules
NAPI Grazing Program

Meet NAPI Crop Manager


  • Elden Harry, Crop Manager - Phone: (505) 860-4158
  • LeeAnderson Jim, Crop Manager - Phone: (505) 215-6599
  • Shawn Holgate, Custom Grazing Manager - Phone: (505) 801-4704
  • Sky Hayes, Crop Manager - Phone: (505) 446-4488
  • Renae Pablo, Agronomist - Phone: (505) 566-2633

Winter Grazing: November - March (Contact Manager between August - September)

  • Alfalfa & Haygrazer
  • Corn
  • Small Grains - Voluntary Wheat & Production
  • Popcorn
  • Pumpkin
  • Native Corn

Custom Grazing: March - May (Contact Manager between December - January)

  • Rangelands
  • Custom Forage

Submit Required Documents

When meeting with the Crop Manager, the Livestock Owners are required to provide the following documents:

  • $1-Million Liability Insurance
  • Brand Cards
  • Navajo Nation Brand Cards (if applicable)/State Brand Cards
  • Ownership of Livestock
  • Vaccination
  • Water Use Permit

Document Review

NAPI's Crop Manager will process all documents for review and approval of contract.


Pricing to be determined by NAPI’s Crop Manager

Set Up Fence and Abide All Rules

The final step for the Grazing Program is to set up the electrical fence around the field. The fence should  follow along the pivot. The center pivot should have six to eight 8 ft. panels to protect from the cattle. The water can be set near the service road for easier access.

The distance between each rebar for the electrical fence should be 20 ft. The rebars should stand 4 ft. tall above ground. Each post must have insulators.

Cattle Owners must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by NAPI.

Crop Layout

NAPI Grazing Program

Electrical Fence

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