Region 2 Store

NAPI grows a variety of quality forage, feed, and food products under the Navajo Pride brand as retail and wholesale. Region 2 Store is located at NAPI and sells all Navajo Pride products to accommodate local customers.

Hours of Operation

Normal Business Hours: OPEN Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., last sale for hay/forage at 4:30 p.m. (Weather permitting)

Posted May 1, 2023:
The fresh crop of forage/hay will be available mid-June 2023.

Livestock Feed

Whole Corn*50 lb11.50
Winter Wheat*50 lb11.50
Alfalfa Pellet Co-op50 lb19.85
4-Way Grain50 lb15.50
Cracked Corn50 lb12.00
Hen Scratch50 lb 12.00
Milk Replacer8 lb32.50
HorsLic Tub, 12%60 lb59.75
SmartLic Tub, 12%125 lb95.75
SmartLic Tub, 12%60 lb48.50
GoatLic, 20%60 lb48.50
Trace Mineral Block50 lb8.00
White Salt Block50 lb8.00
Whole Oats50 lb16.50
*Whole Corn and Winter Wheat – When available.


Region 2 Store, 505-566-2641

6 miles south of Farmington, NM, 6 miles west on Navajo Route 3003.


Pinto Beans20 lb20.00
Pinto Beans50 lb35.00
Pinto Beans100 lb51.00


All-Purpose Flour, Unbleached (Paper/Cloth)5 lb3.75
All-Purpose Flour, Unbleached (Cloth)25 lb12.00
Frybread Mix2 lb3.50
Whole Wheat5 lb3.00

Native Foods

© Navajo Pride Blue Corn Meal
Blue CornWeightPrice
Blue Corn Meal2 lb4.50
Blue Corn Meal5 lb10.50
Blue Corn Meal10 lb19.00
Pancake Mix1 lb. 8 oz.6.00
Pancake Mix5 lb14.00
Yellow or White CornWeightPrice
Corn Meal2 lb3.50
Corn Meal5 lb6.00
Corn Meal10 lb12.50
Blue or Yellow CornWeightPrice
Coarse1 lb3.00
Juniper Ash1 oz6.00

Upland Desert Popcorn, 20 lb. – $10

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