Navajo Pride Certified Potato Seed

Interested in planting potatoes this season?! 😱😱😱🧑‍🌾👩‍🌾😁👍👍
NAPI Region 2 Store is now selling CERTIFIED POTATO SEED (Variety: W8893-1R, Round Red)!! The seeds are sold for $1.60 per pound and AVAILABLE to PURCHASE at NAPI REGION 2 STORE!
Planting and growing tips for potato seeds:
• Always plant your seed in moisture (Pre-Water if you have to and don’t water them up)
• Coolest soil temp recommended for planting is 55 degrees
• Always try and match your seed piece temperature to soil temperature
     o This will elevate shock and sweating (condensation) to the seed piece
         – Seed potatoes (all potatoes) are living organisms
         – They breath through their lenticels (little small dots on skin)
• Rule of thumb for planting depth of any seed, true or tubers – three times the length of seed
     o Most likely, this will be close to 6” (Never plant on a level surface one inch deep-should always be the size of your fist from level)
• Do not water your plant up – let mother tuber (seed piece) take care of herself
After emergence watering tips:
• Do not water often
• When plant needs water, give it a good soaking, but do not drown (overdue it)
• Then let it be for around 5 days (or, below 70% moisture at seed piece)
• Do not water the leaves, water at base of plant if possible.
     o In the Summer air currents, there is always bacteria and fungal issues, such as late blight
     o When leaves are wet, they are more likely to pick up these spores
• Best Management Practice is to keep leaves dry
     o Water at night – this allows for only one (1) dew period
         – Dew always occurs early in the morning, so by watering in the evening it will blend with the natural dew. If watered in the day, you would have two wet (dew) cycles. It may be hard to always water in the evening, so a “here and there” on daytime watering is understandable
• Our seed is a smaller profile, and should be planted whole
     o We do not recommend cutting seed
• If your seed piece has sprouts – do not worry about them
• If you knock off the sprouts – do not worry about it
     o Note: if sprouts are knocked off, this physiologically ages the seed, causing it to put out more stems…meaning more tubers with a smaller profile – and, the energy of the seed piece is decreased some
     o Potatoes sprout and grow in darkness-they are part of the Solanaceous Family. They will not grow long sprouts if you keep them in the light before planting
     o Seed potato pieces are hearty and vigorous, they will continue to grow and grow
Happy planting! 👍😁👍🥔🥔🥔🧑‍🌾👩‍🌾

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